Position Papers

Letters and Reports 2015

Main St. Motions June 2015


Letters and Reports 2014

BMRoss 2014 Bayfield Stormwater Master Plan here

BMRoss 1985 Bayfield Stormwater Report here


Community Safety Zone:

Email Stream between BRA and Minister here

Minister's Response to our Submission here

Community Safety Zone Submission here


Letters 2013

BRA presentation to Bayfield Arena Working Group November 2013

Our May 31, 2013 Letter/e-mail to the Ministry (50k pdf) of the Environment's Environmental Bill of Rights objecting to issuing of a permit to allow NextEra to "adversely" affect or "remove" 2 hectares Bobolink habitat near Bayfield.

OMB 2013

OMB Decision regarding the property at 75 Tuyll Street - pdf 176k

Further information of the OMB decision - pdf 111k

Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority (ABCA) Bayfield River E-coli Reports

ABCA Watershed Videos (3) January 2014 here

ABCA Main Bayfield January 2014 Newsletter

ABCA Bayfield River Watershed Monitoring Report 2013

2012's Final ABCA E coli monitoring report - pdf 2.36mb

ABCA Final Bayfield watershed E-coli monitoring report for 2011 - pdf 2.41mb

ABCA Final Bayfield watershed E-coli monitoring report for 2010 - pdf 1.85mb

ABCA Final Bayfield watershed E-coli monitoring report for 2009 - pdf 2.77mb

2012 Watershed Plan - pdf 6.07mb

Invitation Flyer - September, 2012 meeting - pdf 395k

2012 Letters

Tuyll Beach Access, 2012 - pdf 792k

Green Energy, November 2012 - pdf 793k

Water Protection Act - pdf 790k

Support of the Bayfield Archives - pdf 781k

Comment on the Minor Variance at 75 Tuyll Street, 2012 - pdf 899k

2011 Letters & Reports

Letter to the Premier regarding Industrial Wind Turbines - pdf 806k

Comments regarding the Bayfield Library - pdf 19.37mb

Bayfield Main Street Revitalization - Panel report, September 2011 - pdf 7.34mb

McIver OMB Hearing Presentations 2008

McIver Hearing Oct 2008 - MSWord 62k

McIver OMB Hearing Report PV - MSWord 22k

Durand OMB Hearing Presentations 2007

Durand Hearing January 2007 - MSWord 58k

Huron County Official Plan 2009

Bluewater Shoreline Ratepayers Assoc submission - pdf 235k

Official Plan Analysis July 29, 2009 - MSWord 44k

Official Plan July 17, 2009 - MSWord 32k

Official Plan Final Presentation May10 to Council - ppt 1.42mb

Provincial Policy Statement Review

Huron County Planning Response to Policy Statement - pdf 277k


Beach Cams

Sky Harbour Cam - Goderich Airport

Grand Bend Yacht Club Cam

Grand Bend Harbour Cam
(both Grand Bend refresh every minute)

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